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Moving to Canada? 10 Reasons why Toronto might be at the top of your list

Toronto regularly gets high marks in ‘best of’ rankings[1] for its culture, education, health care, safety, infrastructure and economy. World renown as a multicultural hot spot, about half of Toronto’s 2.7 million residents (7.7 million in the Greater Toronto Area) are immigrants, which translates into a wide variety of cultures, foods, languages, arts, religions and […]


Celebrating Diwali in Canada

According to the Federal 2011 census, there are almost a half million Hindus in Canada.[1] If you’re new to life in this country, or just want a new way to celebrate Diwali, here are some ways you can share in the spirit of this sacred holiday. Embrace the local community Hindu temples and cultural centres […]

Why choose Canada as a place to plant your roots?

Nima Zeighamifar, Marketing Analyst, Western Union When he first left his native Iran back in 2007, Nima Zeighamifar followed in his father’s footsteps to study Finance and Business in London, UK. When his father took ill six years later, Nima moved again, this time to Dubai, UAE. When he made his final move, he chose […]

Send me money contest winner Jimin

Building a better life in Canada for the next generation

Western Union contest winner, Jimin Z., is working hard on his dreams for himself and his family Born in Fujian province, China, Jimin went to school and then worked in Beijing for 20 years before deciding to move to Toronto to provide a better education for his two children. Once they arrived, the family found […]


How moving to Canada can change your life goals

Jenny Wang, Western Union Community Marketing Coordinator   After seeing a picture of the green lawns and impressive architecture of the University of Toronto’s downtown campus in a brochure as a teenager in her home city of Dalian, China, Jenny Wang knew that was where she wanted to go to University. After getting her wish […]

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